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Tourism in Nagapattinam

Map of NagapattinamLocated 320 km away from the southern metropolis of Chennai, Nagapattinam is one among the important territorial dominions of Tamil Nadu. Established during the year 1991, Nagapattinam is popularly identified as a significant coastal district in South India. Owing to its rich historical background, Nagappattinam is regarded as one among the important regions that has dedicated enormous contributions to the glory of the ancient Tamil Chola Kingdom. Besides, Nagapattinam was one of the most significant components of Cholamandalam. Nagapattinam is a singular district with its own historical and ethnical significance.

Popularly referred as the 'City of Coramandel', Nagapattinam is an ancient port city that holds a substantial position in the list of leading economic contributors the state. Nagapattinam has occupied a singular place among the most popular Indian pilgrim centers, representing a blend of three most important religious beliefs - Hinduism, Christianity and Islamism. The urban centre receives visitors and pilgrims alike with its delicate display of celebrated religious sites, archeological sites, and many other places of interest. Furthermore, Nagapattinam receives thousands of visitors and pilgrims from all over the world, throughout the year for its never ending list of attractions. Let's get to know more about the tourist attractions of Nagapattinam in detail.

Nagore Dargah

Tourist attractions in Nagapattinam

The proud home of the far-famed Hazrat Syed Shahul Hameed Dargah, Nagore is small town located just 5 km away from the city center of Nagapattinam. Popularly called as the Nagore Dargah, this islamic shrine receives thousands of people from all religious beliefs. Khandoori festival is the day of remembrance festivities and devotees from all over the globe come together to seek the blessings of Nagore Andavavar.

Velankanni Church

Religious places in Nagapattinam

The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health located in Velankanni, a small town in Nagapattinam district is popularly called as Velankanni Matha Church. The Roman Catholic Church is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. The famous Christian shrine of Our Lady of Good Health is Velankanni is often referred as the 'Lourdes of the East' as it one among the most visited religious sites in the country.

Vaitheeswaran Temple

Vaitheeswaran Temple

Also known as Pullirukkuvelur, Vaitheeswaran Temple is a notable temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the important Therapeutic Shrines of Tamil Nadu, Vaitheeswaran Temple houses Lord Shiva in the form of Vaitheeswaran - meaning 'God of healing'. The glory of this temple is mentioned in many famous Tamil literary works like Tevaram by Tamil saint poets. It is important to note that Vaitheeswaran Temple is one among the Navagraha sthalams - representing the planet Mars.

Sikkal Singaravelavar Subrahmanya Temple

Sikkal Murugan Temple

Often called as Sikkal Murugan Temple, this renowned temple is actually a Saiva temple with Lord Siva offer his blessing in the name of Sri Navaneetheswara. However, the presiding deity of this temple is Lord Murugan called as Singaravelavar. Located just 5 km away from the city center of Nagapattinam, this temple is one of the important murugan temples of Tamil Nadu.

Amritaghateswarar Abhirami Temple

Amritaghateswarar Abhirami Temple

Located in Thirukkadaiyur, just 40 km away from the city center of Nagapattinam, Amritaghateswarar Abhirami Temple is a notable temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Regarded as one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams, this Shiva temple is famous for its architectural grandness as well. The temple houses three temple tanks namely, Maarkandeya Theertham, Amrita Pushkarini and Kaala Theertham and also a separate sannidhi for goddess.


Tourist places in Nagapattinam

Kodiakkarai also known as Point Calimere or Cape Calimere is a low headland, that is, natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea), on the Coromandel Coast, in the Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. It is the highest point of the Kaveri River delta, and sets a virtually quadrant turn in the outline of the coast. Kodikkarai is also celebrated for the the Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary that is the home of several endangered species.

Other important places of interest in Nagapattinam include:

  • Poompuhar
  • Keelaperumpallam
  • Thiruvengadu
  • Tharangambadi
  • Ananthamangalam

Nagapattinam Tourism - Quick Facts:

How to Reach?

Nearest Airport: Trichy International Airport (IATA: TRZ, ICAO: VOTR) - 141 km

Train: Regular trains are operated from Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Chennai and Nagore

Bus: Nagapattinam is well connected with many important towns and cities of Tamil Nadu by government and private bus transportation services. Frequent buses are operated from Chennai, Trichy, Thanjavur and so on.

Climatic Conditions of Nagapattinam:
Hot and humid throughout the year

Accommodation Options:
Nagapattinam houses a lot of hotels and lodges ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels to suit all types of guests. Hotels in Nagapattinam are well equipped with a long list of essential facilities and amenities to provide high quality hospitality to the clients.

Distance Chart:
Nagapattinam to Chennai: 320 km
Nagapattinam to Bangalore: 505 km
Nagapattinam to Coimbatore: 348 km
Nagapattinam to Hyderabad: 381 km
Nagapattinam to Chidambaram: 537 km
Nagapattinam to Puducherry: 161 km
Nagapattinam to Tiruchirappalli: 145 km
Nagapattinam to Thanjavur: 89 km

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